GMI is a typical advertising, promotional and branding company where the clients register themselves to avail the services as per their selected packages and right from the day of registration formalities are completed the step by step benefits are pipe lined which are executed in the set time frames.


1.             The registration tenure will start from the date filled in the form.

2.             It is the duty of registering person to check whether his/her details are filled correct, in case of any wrong information it should be brought under the notice of technical team.

3.             The amount once paid will not be refunded.

4.             The timing mentioned for each service may be increased in case some technical issue arises.

5.             GMI does not provide any business leads. It improves a business branding and offers a platform for customer’s direct interaction with the registering user.

6.             All the legal matters are subject to Chandigarh Jurisdiction.

7.             If renewal is not done after date of validity all the benefits or services provided to you will be terminated automatically.


    We are offering three packages i.e., BRONZE, SILVER & GOLDEN. The registration of the clients will be online and offline both. The below services will be activated only when the required documentation/ formalities are completed.


Google Registration: It will take 20 working days of Google.

Business Video: It will 1 week to finalize the video by our technical team.

Facebook Campaigning: We will send the final video to our client, once they approve it, we can start Facebook Campaigning.

One-page website: It will take 12-15 days.

Listing of business at GMI website: On the day of registration it will be uploaded in our website.


You can reach to the online shopping module at

As per the services, this offer is applicable for the Silver and Golden pack. We are having following Terms & Conditions for the clients:

1.             GMI will provide the login ID for the shopping site to the client, where client can sell their product 24*7.

2.             It will be direct selling to customer, GMI will not interfere.

3.             The client can upload countless items on his digital shop.

4.             GMI is not responsible for any kind of non-delivery of the product, damage of product, quality of the product. It will be from client end only.


Please note that if you are a customer at SHOP module you can buy the products as per your liking. You can add the products to the cart or can buy instantly.



Studykosh is an online education cum job portal that is created to provide the quality education in the modern ways to the children in remote as well as urban areas who want to study and lack in proper channel to learn. This learning is totally online through It is accessible through PC, Laptop or mobile phones.

Terms & Conditions:

1.     When student will enroll a course, they will get log in and password which is valid for one year.

2.     One login is provided to one student.

3.     Don’t try to resell or copy our content.

4.     The fees once paid will not be refundable.

5.     StudyKosh is also providing live sessions for the discussion. The day will be fixed by StudyKosh only.

6.     All the legal matters are subject to Chandigarh Jurisdiction.